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I just loaded the pilotmanager version 8 and tried to do a sync. I saw a CM.pm
in the directory so i did not bother to get the conduits off the web

 I got the following errors:

Use of uninitialized value at /home/dvance/sparcpilot/pilotmgr,v1.008/PilotMgr/Pilot.pm line 72.
Use of uninitialized value at /home/dvance/sparcpilot/pilotmgr,v1.008/PilotMgr/libpilot.pm line 337.
Tk::Error: libpilot::pi_bind failed at ./PilotManager line 1160
        (in cleanup) Not a HASH reference at /home/dvance/sparcpilot/pilotmgr,v1.008/PilotMgr/libpilot.pm line 301.
 Tk callback for .frame1.button
 Tk::Button::butUp at /home/dvance/sparcpilot/pilotmgr,v1.008/lib/Tk/Button.pm line 103
 (command bound to event) at /home/dvance/sparcpilot/pilotmgr,v1.008/lib/auto/Tk/Error.al line 13.

 Do I have to load all the conduit programs as well? If so where do I put them
and configure them?

I am running Solaris 2.6 beta refresh.


   Dave vance

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