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Alias traffic

Hi, pilots --

	There's been a lot of traffic on the mailing list lately
	regarding bugs in PilotManager.  While we want to get bug
	reports, 95% of the people on this mailing list cannot
	help you fix your problem!  
	There is a comprehensive feedback utility in PilotManager
	that will let you file a bug that will come directly
	to me and to the author of the conduit that you're having
	a problem with.  Please use it.
	To recap, if you have a problem with PilotManager:
		- DO NOT use servicedesk 
		- DO NOT call x33666
		- DO NOT flood the mailing list
		- DO NOT send me email
		- DO use the feedback utility
	The feedback utility is better than sending me personal 
	email because it creates a subject line that my mail
	sorter can grab and filter out.
	If enough people are having a particular problem, I'll
	sum it up to the alias so that we can get some discussion
	on it.  However, I'd like to keep the alias clear so that
	we can use it for issues that affect the group as a whole.
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