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SyncMemo patch

Here is a small patch to SyncMemo, v1.04.  If you change the category of a
memo on the Pilot, but a directory for that category doesn't already exist
in your SyncMemo area the memo won't get copied over.
This patch will create the new directory when needed.
Note that this only occurs when doing a change category.  If you create a
NEW memo in a new category the directory will get created.

Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions from various people.  I'll try
to get all your requests in the next version...

cd into your PilotManager directory and run the attached script to patch
SyncMemo.  Warning- the script doesn't check to make sure you have v1.04
already.. make sure you do.

	- Alan

PS- I've attached a dummy attachment after the script so that hopefully
majordomo won't mess things up..
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