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Re: Reinstall of a Pilot

> Has anyone come up with an easy way to reinstall a Pilot,
> I used to use pilot-xfer to do much of my backups (and
> still do till PilotManager settles a bit) but using either
> tool there appears to be no easy way to totally reinstall
> a Pilot given a directory containing all your prc and pdb files.
> Any suggestions .... could this be added to PilotManager ?

There's an easy way to do this with pilot-xfer.  You can specify
a directory to back up to:

	% pilot-xfer /dev/ttya -b /tmp/MyBackupDirectory

This will back up all databases into the directory of your choice.
You can then reinstall them all with:

	% pilot-xfer /dev/ttya -r /tmp/MyBackupDirectory

You can also use the -e flag to create a list of databases
(one per line) to exclude from the backup/restore process.  Use
the -l flag to get a listing of all databases...


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