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Re: Blown away calendars

> From: Peter Fraenkel <pnf@xxxxxx>
> This may be anti-CDE sacrilege, but what I'd really like is an option to
> remove all cm appointments within a specified date range and replace
> them with whatever happens to be on the pilot.  I'm willing to enter all
> new appointments on the pilot, so I don't ever need true
> synchronization.  It doesn't matter if repeating appointments show up as
> multiple, individual entries on cm, since my only use for cm is making
> the calendar visible to others at the firm.

As soon as Bharat had PilotMgr up and running, I asked for
a feature that Dave Pacek had in his sync-tool, but PilotMgr didn't have.
Lack of this feature is the main reason I don't use PilotMgr.

I want a check box that just says:

    "nothing important is on the desktop,
     just blow it away, and recopy pilot->desktop"

It sounds like I'm not alone in my desire for this feature.


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