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Re: Blown away calendars

Paul Pomerleau wrote:
> I think a
>         "Whoa, Nelly!  I'm about to modify 'X' items.  That's more
> than
> your specified maximum, 'Y'.  Are you sure you want me to do it?"

I've had the blowing away problem too.  What's most exasperating is that
the effect is not complete: I lose, for example, all appointments on
Wednesday and Thursday.  The only way to put them back without ending up
with duplicates seems to be manually deleting all appointments on cm,
deleting the SyncCM database, and doing an initial complete sync.

This may be anti-CDE sacrilege, but what I'd really like is an option to
remove all cm appointments within a specified date range and replace
them with whatever happens to be on the pilot.  I'm willing to enter all
new appointments on the pilot, so I don't ever need true
synchronization.  It doesn't matter if repeating appointments show up as
multiple, individual entries on cm, since my only use for cm is making
the calendar visible to others at the firm.

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