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Re: SyncCM across timezones

> 	The Pilot has no internal support for multiple timezones.

This I understand, hence running the Pilot and the calendar manager with
the same "timezone".  The only thing running in a diffrent zone is the PilotManger,
so I guess what I'm asking is....
	Does PilotManger (or possibly rpc.cmsd) do some sort of munging of the
To get around this I've "copied" my calendar to a machine in my current time
zone (PST) and done the sync there, when I go back to the UK my Pilot will
be correct and I'll just update my UK (real) calendar manager from there.

I would like to try and find someway around this, I suspect that it is
rpc.cmsd that is doing the munging.


Darren J Moffat

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