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Re: SyncCM across timezones

> My Pilot is setup to BST (GMT+1) and my Calendar lives in the uk so it's
> in BST (GMT+1), but I'm currently running PilotManger in PST.
> Things just don't seem to work properly, eg.
> 	In Calendar Manager I have an appointment for 1500
> 	after SyncCM 
> 	In Pilot it is at 0700
> What's the correct way (if any to set this up) since I've managed to completly
> blank out my calendar once already today.


	The Pilot has no internal support for multiple timezones.
	All times in the Pilot are "wall clock" time.  Alas, if
	you sync against a calendar in a different time zone
	it's going to decide that all your appointments have
	been changed on the CM side and shift all your Pilot
	What to do, what to do.  The Pilot just doesn't support
	this capability.  Maybe in later releases of the system
	they'll have better functionality... :-(
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