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Blown away calendars

Several times I've had PilotManager screw up my sun calendar.  (It's
accidently deleted all appointments after some date, it's deleted
100's of appointments, it's added duplicates when it shouldn't, etc).

What do you all think about a modification limit variable.  i.e.  If
PilotManager is about to change more than X number of appointments
(either pilot->sun or sun->pilot), pop up a confirm box.  Clearly when
you do an initial sync, this is expected behavior.  But for me, more
than 10 changed appointments is usually an error.  I'ld much rather
know about this before the changes, than after!

	- Robert

 Robert Gusick, gusick@xxxxxx, (212) 762-2986, FAX (212) 762-1012
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