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Ack! Problems with PilotMgr v1.006

Hi, guys!

	I'm catching up on my email from the weekend.
	There appears to be a problem with Perl v1.006.  A summary of
	the problem is below.  I forgot to compile it on 2.5.1, so the
	current version only runs on 2.6 :-(  I'll get a patch out ASAP.
	Additionally, I am apparently distributing PilotManager in
	conflict with the wishes of the pilot-link communication layer.
	I am going to get in compliance as soon as possible and release
	v1.007 which will have provisions for *porting to any platform*.
	Hang in there!  
---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---

for module libswigutil: ld.so.1:
/usr/dist/pkgs/perl,v5.003/5bin.sun4/perl: fatal: libresolv.so.2: can't
open file: errno=2 at /usr/dist/pkgs/perl,v5.003/lib/DynaLoader.pm line

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