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Re: Xcopilot (was Re: [Fwd: PalmPilot kernel])

rct@xxxxxxxxxx (Robert C. Terzi) writes:

> ftp://ns1.pfnet.com/pub/PalmOS/xcopilot-v0.4.tar.gz
> The Pilot emulator has been ported to Unix.
> It's called xcopilot.  The last version that I saw
> was 0.4 as of April 9th.  I haven't had time to get it build yet...
> BTW, It needs a library called Xpm that I haven't had time to look for.
> I've included the readme below.
> --Robert

I've got libXpm, it's available via netmounted directory at:


Knock yourself out. :)

-- Gary F.

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