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Re: Software Wise and Hardware foolish! ;-)

> From owner-pilotmgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mon Apr 28 10:09 PDT 1997
> Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 09:54:44 -0700 (PDT)
> From: John Simmons <jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Software Wise and Hardware foolish! ;-)
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> All,
> Could any of you, who have pilotmgr up and running recommend a particular part
> number (e.g.  Fry's or Radio Shack) for the connection between the pilot hotsync
> peripheral, and a sparc serial cable (or more directly to a sparc 5).
> My first attempt, using something lying around that "fit", froze my unit up
> completely, until I did a reset.
> My second attempt, buying something at Fry's, revealed my vast ignorance of the
> configuration of serial interfaces, and is not correct either.  Of course the
> problem there, is that I asked one of the sales folks to verify the correctness
> of my choice which the person did (and I *knew* better than to ask for tech
> assistance at Fry's ;-)).
> Thanks in advance,
> John

  First of all: Do NOT do anything to alter the configuration of your tty port!
  (Too late, right?)
  They are defined, as-is, for 9600 baud "normal serial" use, which works fine
  with PilotMgr.  Once configured undoing that is an unknown to me, because
  I've never quite gotten things "back to where they were" using the Adminis-
  tration "tools".  (When I installed my PalmPilot/PilotManager onto this
  system I had never touched the serial configuration....)
  As for the other thing, "what did you connect with", I went and got a D9M-D26M
  6' cable at Fry's.  It took almost 30 minutes to find one, and I've since
  tossed the packaging so I can't tell you its "part number".  (What makes you
  think that having a part number is any better chance of getting the right
  thing at Fry's?? 8-)  I'm pretty sure it claimed itself to be a "CGA/EGA
  Monitor Extension Cable"!!?  (I grok that for the D9 end, but don't for the
  D25 end!)
  One more possible gotcha: I'm connecting to an SS10, which has one, combined
  A/B serial port on one D25F connector.  Knowing that we're smart about these
  things I (it turns out) correctly concluded that I probably would not need a
  "Y" cable, and that if you connect a "normal" serial cable up to it it will
  operate as one of the two ports, most likely as "A".  Sure does!  One extra-
  credit point for Sun HW designers!

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