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Re: SyncMemo notes

- IMHO, ~/.pilotmgr is the *right* place to put pilot data.
  All too often programmers mix code, data, log files, etc.
  so that you can never do a reasonable network install.

  One of the many nice things about PilotMgr, was that all I had to do
  to get it to work for everyone in my group was to just push
  the right paths on to @INC -- what a pleasure to have it be that easy!

- For me "Pilot->Sun" memos will be key!  Some feature requests:

  - It would be nice if you implement a similar script function that lets you
    invoke what ever you want each time a memo is updated from the pilot.
    For me I would like to have each memo under RCS control so I have
    history with out having to do anything.  

  - Automatically creating html indices of the memo's directory
    would be a nice navigational feature, that lets us use the

  - If you have to store the memo meta information separately,
    consider using the perl data dumper like SyncCM does.
    This is a very cool feature -- now I have my entire
    calendar trivially accessible to perl.

Thanks in advance!


>> In "SyncMemo notes", Apr 25, Alan Harder writes <<
>  Hi everyone.. here are some comments on SyncMemo 1.01 and some fixes that
>  will be in the upcoming 1.02 version.
>  1- Location of memos.  The correct spot to put your memos in 1.01 is
>  	~/.pilotmgr/SyncMemo
>  	*NOT*
>  	pilotmgr,v1.00x/SyncMemo
>     In retrospect the second spot probably would have been a better choice,
>     but that's not what I did.. :)
>  3- Pilot->Sun.  SyncMemo still doesn't transfer memos from the pilot to your
>     sun.  Hopefully I'll get that into 1.03... :)
>  Thanks for all your feedback!  If you have any ideas for additional features
>  you'd like, just let me know...
>  Later,
>  	- Alan
>> End of Alan Harder's message <<

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