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SyncMemo notes

Hi everyone.. here are some comments on SyncMemo 1.01 and some fixes that
will be in the upcoming 1.02 version.

1- Location of memos.  The correct spot to put your memos in 1.01 is


   In retrospect the second spot probably would have been a better choice,
   but that's not what I did.. :)
   So to make sure SyncMemo finds your files do something like this:

	cd ~/.pilotmgr/SyncMemo
	mkdir Personal		(Business, etc...)
	cp /path/memofile Personal

   ** 1.02 FIXES **
   The Memos directory is customizable in 1.02.  So you can put your memos
   wherever you want.  For example:

	mkdir ~/Memos
	mkdir ~/Memos/Personal
	cp /path/memofile ~/Memos/Personal

    Then you can configure SyncMemo to use "~/Memos" as your memo directory.
    Also, you shouldn't see those "cat: cannot open 0" message anymore.  If
    there is a problem you should see "No memo files found." in the
    PilotManager messages window.

2- which sum.  Thanks to Dave Kaffine for pointing out this one..
   SyncMemo 1.01 will NOT work if /usr/ucb/sum is in your path before
   /usr/bin/sum.  If you type "which sum" and the answer is "/usr/ucb/sum" you
   need to edit SyncMemo.pm line 242:
`find SyncMemo -type f -print | egrep -v "SyncMemo/[^/]*\$" | xargs sum`)
   and supply the path to sum:
`find SyncMemo -type f -print | egrep -v "SyncMemo/[^/]*\$" | xargs /usr/bin/sum`)

   ** 1.02 FIXES **
   The change shown above will be applied in 1.02 so you won't have to do this
   twice.. :)

3- Pilot->Sun.  SyncMemo still doesn't transfer memos from the pilot to your
   sun.  Hopefully I'll get that into 1.03... :)

Thanks for all your feedback!  If you have any ideas for additional features
you'd like, just let me know...


	- Alan

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