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PilotManager v1.006 released

Hi, guys!

	PilotManager v1.006 has been released to the web site.
	There are no major changes to the SyncCM conduit, but there
	are patches to SyncMemo, and this release introduces a new
	conduit called Backup.

	As Douglas Adams would say, "Share and Enjoy."  The pessimists
	among us will no doubt revel in the all new feedback system.

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Changes from v1.005 to v1.006

        * SyncMemo v1.02 bundled.  Thanks to Alan Harder, the new version
          of SyncMemo comes with a bonus tool called 'PilotDrop'.  This
          tool allows you to drag and drop documents onto your pilot!  The
          documents will get copied to your pilot on the next sync.

        * SyncCM updated to v1.005_01, which incorporates a few tiny
          changes not worth their own rev.

        * Added the Backup module which attempts to intelligently back up
          your data.  Right now it's not all that intelligent, but I think
          it errs on the side of caution (it backs up your stuff a little
          too frequently, I think).

        * Improved UI with a new color scheme.  Don't like it?  Tough!
          Haha, just kidding.  If you can come up with a better color
          scheme I'd be happy to integrate it.

        * Added feedback support for each of the separate conduits and
          a general purpose feedback system.

        * Solaris x86 supported (along with an architecture that will
          allow support of any platform).

        * PilotManager should now be free of directory restrictions (ie,
          you should be able to run it from any directory).

        * Wrote up a brief API document in the API directory

        * New Preferences interface, including the ability to activate and
          inactivate conduits.  All new conduits will be added as
          inactive, and you must activate them by hand.  Alas, these
          changes mean that preferences from v1.005 and earlier are toast.
          I did not bother to write code to port them along.  However, it
          should be fairly trivial to recreate them (preferences from
          specific modules are unchanged). 

        * "Modules" are now called "conduits".  Since the term "conduit"
          is a well known name for synchronization modules, I've decided
          to go with the flow.

        * Conduit API more firmly established.  Now conduits can be
          created and installed separately from the PilotManager harness.

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