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PilotManager 1.005

  Bharat has been struggling to get my fairly complex calendar to sync up
  correctly with PilotManager.  v1.004 had it down to two errors, each with
  the same set of properties, so I imagine the problem was "fairly straight-
  forward" to him once he got that info.
  So just tonite he sends out v1.005, and... Bingo!  Nailed 'em all!
  Well done, Bharat!
  While everyone else is at it:
  If I haven't already mentioned it, my primary RFE at this point would be
  alarm setting (each way).  I recommend that you map the CM's Beep setting
  to the Pilot's Alarm, or better yet: Make it selectable from any one of
  the four CM alarms!  (I would actually use "Flash", for instance, as I
  prefer my CM to always Beep for every app't, but would only set my Pilot
  to Alarm for certain appt's.  I currently don't use CM's Flash at all, so
  I could set or unset it in CM to control the Pilot's Alarm.  The default
  would, of course, be to map to "Beep"....)
  I'm sure there's a pile of other RFEs that I could think of, but with the
  use I can now get out of having a portable, up-to-date calendar which
  sync's with my CM that runs my life every day, I'm a happy camper for a
  							Thanks Bharat!,

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