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Bugs and fixes

Hi, guys --

	I'm pushing out v1.005 of PilotManager.  It is a bugfix release:
	Changes from v1.004 to v1.005
		- SyncCM: Better error handling for rpc failure
		- SyncCM: Fixed bug in MM/DD/YY orderering that
		  led to rpc failure
		- Improved exception (ie, missing appts in a sequence) 
		  code for certain special cases

	I have lots on my ToDo list, these are just the things that I got
	around to fixing first.  Take a look in the 'ToDo' files in the
	pilotmgr and pilotmgr/SyncCM directories to see what I've got
	on my plate.
	FYI, while I really want to work on this system I have a full
	time job (and this ain't it) so I'll be improving the code and
	fixing bugs as time permits.  I'd really like to publish the API
	so that I can get more of you onboard developing your own
	modules.  Rest assured that I read each and every one of your
	bug reports, and will get to them as time permits.
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