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Pilot Manager Bugs

Your web page mentioned that you want bug reports to go to 
mailing list...  So given that, here goes:

- I been able to succesfull hot sync several calendars
  with the pilot, however, one in particular (my boss's of course)
  fails with this error below...  

  Note the server 'cal' is fine, I can sync others calendars, but it fails
  repeatedly on this calendar, which is admitted one of the largest.

- The date range code from SyncCM seems to need some work...
   - If I try to limit the 'date range' I get other TK errors.

   - The widget says the date format should be MM/DD/YY, but
     it displays dates as DD/MM/YY. (or so it appears)

   - I haven't proven it but I think the date ranges are
     displayed "Perl style" (0 based origin) instead of
     of (1 based origin)

   - The defaults that it comes up with for today are:

	 begin date: 19/03/96
	 end date: 18/03/00

---- Errors from trying to sync whole calendar

Error on server cal
: RPC: Timed out
Use of uninitialized value at /u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM/cm.pm line 757.
Caught a SIGSEGV at /u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM/libcm.pm line 6073
Use of uninitialized value at /ubs/mach/opt/perl5.003/lib/sigtrap.pm line 53.
Use of uninitialized value at /ubs/mach/opt/perl5.003/lib/sigtrap.pm line 53.
$ = libcm::next_tick('', '') called from file `/u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM/cm.pm' line 776
Use of uninitialized value at /ubs/mach/opt/perl5.003/lib/sigtrap.pm line 53.
@ = SyncCM::cm::filterAppts('') called from file `/u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM/cm.pm' line 593
@ = SyncCM::cm::loadAppointmentsRange('nnywsd@cal', 536533125, 1176926325) called from file `/u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM/cm.pm' line 574
@ = SyncCM::cm::loadAppointments('nnywsd@cal') called from file `/u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM.pm' line 271
$ = SyncCM::moduleSync('SyncCM', 3, 2, 'PilotUser=HASH(0x12f3d4)') called from file `/ubs/itsu/bin/pilotmanager' line 495
$ = PilotMgr::hotSync called from file `/ubs/itsu/bin/pilotmanager' line 297
$ = PilotMgr::buttonChoice('HotSync') called from file `/ubs/itsu/bin/pilotmanager' line 140
$ = PilotMgr::__ANON__ called from file `(eval 4)' line 1
$ = TkUtils::__ANON__() called from file `/ubs/opt/perl_sitelib/Tk/Button.pm' line 103
$ = eval {...} called from file `/ubs/opt/perl_sitelib/Tk/Button.pm' line 103
$ = Tk::Button::butUp('Tk::Button=HASH(0x8860b0)') called from file `/ubs/itsu/bin/pilotmanager' line 551
$ = eval {...} called from file `/ubs/itsu/bin/pilotmanager' line 551
Abort (core dumped)

------- Errors from trying to select "Sync Date Range"

Tk::Error: Month out of range 0..11 in timelocal.pl at
/u/src/pilotmgr,v1.004//SyncCM.pm line 1111
 Tk callback for .toplevel2.frame.button
 (command bound to event) at /ubs/opt/perl_sitelib/auto/Tk/Error.al line 13,
 <FD> chunk 24.

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