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Re: pilotmgr question

Gary Foster says: 
> Ok, this list looks pretty low traffic.. time for me to add some
> noise.
> First of all, let me say that I think PilotMgr is terrific.
> Ok, that being out of the way, is there any particular reason why it
> seems to be specifically coded to ONLY run out of it's own directory?

I'll add this to my ToDo list for the next release...

> Secondly, although I admittedly haven't really had a chance to go
> through it all yet, is there a documented interface for the modules

I'm working on a document describing the API, stay tuned.

> Thirdly, I'm wondering if the search for duplicate appts could be made 
> a tad "fuzzier"

I'll add this as an option to SyncCM.

Jeff Senn says:
> Hmm... if we're gonna start asking for features, how 'bout being able to
> use the same dock for multiple users (i.e. read the username first then 
> multiplex the rest of the options based on the user).  I realize that
> this may involve complicated issues, but I for one would be happy if 
> it skipped any set-uid stuff and simply ran under one account....

This is a good idea and probably would be pretty easy to implement.
I'll put it on my (ever growing) ToDo list.


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