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Re: pilotmgr funtionality

	Rolo or xrolo is very week. Reverse Engineering what the PC apps
	have would probably be better.

	Maybe even tie it as a secondary library for nametool ( now someone
	needs to contact the owner of nametool - or its javatized successor ).


»> I need.  The most important data that I carry around in my daytimer are the
»> 200+ contact entries and various to-do lists.  I eagerly await the
»> introduction of SyncAB and SyncToDo :)
»Hi Charles.. I'm writing the SyncAB module.
»I'm curious to know if you have a favorite tool you would like to see SyncAB
»talk to on your Sun.  I'm currently syncing with Rolo, which to be honest is
»really weak.
»So, if anyone has suggestions for a good address book tool tell me now and
»I'll see what I can do!
»	- Alan

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