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Re: pilotmgr funtionality

There is an excellent and complete Action Manager which runs on SOLARIS.
It is called AMH Action Manager. It is the **only** software application
of this sort native to UNIX which rivals the functionality of those on
Windows like ACT!, DayTimer, etc. It is OpenWindows based.

Features include:

1) Integrated To-Do List
2) Multiple Phone books
3) Query Functions
4) Integrated E-mail interface
5) Intelligent Dialing
6) Imports-Exports ASCII files
7) Prints Phone Lists and Labels
8) Customizable Menus
9) Note pad for each record
10) Time stamped notes.
11) Multiple Fonts
12) Cut-Paste, Drag-Drop capabilities
13) Quick find in all Fields and Notes

The contact at AMH is Robert Hadaya 408-7456789  or bobh@xxxxxxx

He told me that a free copy (demo) of AMH for SPARC and x86 SOLARIS is
contained in a CDware distributed by SunSoft with applications for SOLARIS.

I'd love to be able to use AMH with my Pilot.

Best regards


> > I need.  The most important data that I carry around in my daytimer are the
> > 200+ contact entries and various to-do lists.  I eagerly await the >
> introduction of SyncAB and SyncToDo :)
> Hi Charles.. I'm writing the SyncAB module.
> I'm curious to know if you have a favorite tool you would like to see SyncAB
> talk to on your Sun.  I'm currently syncing with Rolo, which to be honest is
> really weak.
> So, if anyone has suggestions for a good address book tool tell me now and
> I'll see what I can do!
> Thanks,
> 	- Alan

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