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2005/4/10 PilotManager 1.108 is out, only six years after the previous release! This version contains a great number of bug fixes and a few minor improvements. A complete list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog. The most crucial ones are:
  • Fixed a bug in several conduits that caused major data loss if the connection to the pilot was lost during a sync.

  • Compatibility with pilot-link 0.12.0-pre2. Among other benefits, this brings libusb support, which means you can finally sync via USB on Solaris. Compatibility with pilot-link 0.11.8 is maintained; if you don't need the new features of 0.12.0-pre2, I recommend that you wait for the official 0.12.0 release before upgrading pilot-link.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of PilotManager, please read at least the "UPGRADING" section of the installation notes.
10/26/2000 SyncXml conduits by Norman Walsh.
10/3/2000 Patch for PalmOS 3.5 (or higher) devices:

[Update: this patch is no longer necessary with more recent versions of PilotManager.]

Who wants this patch?

  • Everyone with a PalmOS 3.5 device and a Sun/Solaris desktop will probably want it.
    It is particularly helpful to people who have perl 5.003 (who can't sync at all), but for people with newer versions of perl it will also get rid of the "Error backing up ''" message from the backup conduit.
  • I have only done testing on sun/solaris so I don't know if this problem exists at all for linux users...
What is the patch?
  • Here it is:
    Shutdown pilotmgr, then change these lines in PilotMgr.pm:
    	status("Refreshing Database List", int(100 * $count++ / $count_max))
    	    if ($count_max);
    	push(@$result, $dlp->getDBInfo($i,1,0));
    	$i = $result->[-1]->{"index"}+1;
        while ($result->[-1]->{"more"});
    to this:
        my $rec;
        eval { do
    	status("Refreshing Database List", int(100 * $count++ / $count_max))
    	    if ($count_max);
    	$rec = $dlp->getDBInfo($i,1,0);
    	push(@$result, $rec) if (exists $rec->{"name"} and $rec->{"name"});
    	$i = $rec->{"index"}+1;
        while ($rec->{"more"}); };
How do I apply the patch?
  • Use a text editor to edit the file "PilotMgr.pm".
    For example, open a terminal window and use the "cd" command to change directories to your "pilotmgr" directory. On solaris/CDE you could then type "dtpad PilotMgr.pm" to bring up a text editor.
  • Search for the string "Refreshing Database List" to help you find the right section of the file.. it is around line 2650.
  • Change the lines as shown above, save your changes and then restart PilotManager.
Thanks to Arthur Black for loaning me his Palm Vx so I could figure this out.
(Note: the root cause of the problem is still unknown.. the patch above is really just a workaround)
7/13/2000 New conduit: SyncBBDB written by Thomas DeWeese. This conduit synchronizes the Palm address book with the BBDB address book for Emacs. [Update: external link removed because SyncBBDB is now part of the PilotManager distribution.]
4/23/2000 Greg Gee has a SyncMail conduit with IMAP support. See his web page at http://syncmail.sourceforge.net/.
1/30/2000 Dinesh Dutt has extended the SyncAB conduit with some support for BBDB. [Update: Thomas DeWeese's SyncBBDB is now the supported conduit for syncing with BBDB. Dinesh's conduit has been moved into contrib/dinesh-dutt.
1/4/2000 Y2K status: so far no major problems, just one cosmetic/display bug. Dates in the status window show "100" as the year instead of "00" or "2000". The simple patch below will fix this:
*** PilotMgr.pm.orig    Sat Jan  1 11:39:34 2000
--- PilotMgr.pm Sat Jan  1 11:39:52 2000
*** 2637,2641 ****
!     return sprintf("%02d/%02d/%02d %2d:%02d:%02d",
!                    $mon, $mday, $year, $hour, $min, $sec);

--- 2637,2641 ----
!     return sprintf("%02d/%02d/%04d %2d:%02d:%02d",
!                    $mon, $mday, 1900 + $year, $hour, $min, $sec);
11/2/99 New beta conduits available!
Written by Jim Baughman:
  • PopSync - sync mail from any POP server
  • MALSync - pilotmanager interface for AvantGo, preliminary version
    Written by Ralf Schlatterbeck:
  • SyncIcalCal - sync with ical calendar
  • SyncMidi - use MIDI sounds from the net for your datebook alarm
  • 10/24/99 Pilot crashes with SyncTime and PalmOS 3.3.
    This is either a PalmOS bug or api change.. I recommend not using SyncTime with PalmOS 3.3 until a new OS patch is released by 3com or a workaround/update is implemented for SyncTime. (I don't think it works with PalmOS 3.5 either)
  • Update to SyncMail conduit to support mail files without the Content-Length header field.
       Conduit located in contrib/mark-giles.
  • Bugfix to PilotSync module (used by SyncAB and SyncFood).
       Fixes Not a hash ref errors when merging modified records.
  • 3/23/99
  • Alpha release of new SyncMail conduit written by Mark Giles!
  • Also a minor PilotManager update to fix broken menu item File bug against PilotManager.
  • 3/10/99 PilotManager 1.107 released!
    All conduits updated!
    See PilotManager News for more info.
    • Backup, v1.007
    • Installer, v1.008
    • SyncCM, v1.102
    • SyncMemo, v1.7
    • SyncTime, v1.02
    • SendMail, v0.803
    • SyncPlan, v0.95 BETA
    • SyncAB, v0.96 BETA
    • SyncFood, v0.96 BETA
    4/23/98 PilotManager News
    4/3/98 PilotManager 1.106 released!
    See PilotManager News for more info.
    1/28/98 PilotManager 1.105 released!
    See PilotManager News for more info.

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