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Re: Wanting a summary of Sun's namelist management...


I've written some scripts, etc. that use the nameslist.  The names databases 
(text files) are read accessible for scripts and such:

the "name" version:		/usr/dist/share/lib/nameslist
the "phonebook" version:	/usr/dist/share/lib/nameslistx

It should be fairly trivial to write a shell or perl script to get what you want 
out of nameslistx and then import into pilot addressbook via "pilot-addresses" 
which is part of the pilot-link software.  If you're not into writing scripts, 
you can also grep out the lines you want, and import into a spreadsheet, fix and 
export to the right type of text file for import to pilot (crude, but the sort 
of thing I used to do before I discovered scripting, or if I am feeling like 
doing repetitive mechanical tasks ;-)).


> Hello everyone,
> I know this question was bandied about a few times, though the final answers 
> were spread out and inconclusive.  My apologies to the people outside sun.
> 1.  What methods are available for keeping a good, up to date list of names 
> phone numbers in the PalmPilot from Sun's namelist?
> 2.  Are the updates smart enough to pick up changes?
> 3.  My only experience has been to mange the output of the name command or 
> the namelist file and pull it into the pilot from a comma delimited input.
> Any other working solutions?
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>>>Daniel Hernandez said:
 > Has somebody written a filter to convert the address database (which
 > can be copied via PilotManager's Backup to the Sun) into a readable
 > text format? A simple oneway conversion would be all I need for
 > occasional address lookups...

The pilot-addresses program included with pilot-link does this. With the -w 
flag, it read the database from the Pilot and writes it to a file with the 
following format:


this is, the order in which the fields appear in the phonebook application, 
each value in double quotes, separated by commas. The "note" is the optional 
note you can add to each record. The "0" at the end, I suppose, is for marking 
it as non-private.

For writing back to the Pilot, you create a file with the above format, and use 
the -r flag in pilot-addresses.


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