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Wanting a summary of Sun's namelist management...

Hello everyone,

I know this question was bandied about a few times, though the final answers 
were spread out and inconclusive.  My apologies to the people outside sun.

1.  What methods are available for keeping a good, up to date list of names and 
phone numbers in the PalmPilot from Sun's namelist?

2.  Are the updates smart enough to pick up changes?

3.  My only experience has been to mange the output of the name command or from 
the namelist file and pull it into the pilot from a comma delimited input.

Any other working solutions?

Charles Merriam
JavaSoft Datacom/Telecom Systems Engineer
408.863.3237 fax
800.701.9218 pager

Sun Microsystems, JavaSoft Division
901 San Antonio Road, MS UCUP01-102
Palo Alto, CA  94303

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