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Re: detach thread

Previously written in blue crayon:
 > Here's what was going on that led to my dropping you mail.  There is a thought
 > that some set of people may decide to create a new PilotManager in Java (or

	This sounds like a great idea, and was my initial intention.
However, in an attempt to contribute to the KDE movement, I opted to
go for the KDE/QT version.  Is this still being discussed?

 > port the existing one).  I had just heard about your effort a few days ago -
 > through which I heard of KDE which I had never heard of before either.

	:)  I've heard a lot of people say that.  That's great, and
was part of the motivation of writing KPilot for KDE..(well, I guess
if I didn't I'd have to call it JPilot or something... )

 > effort to ask me "What's the third one", to which I wrote the reply I copied
 > you to.  Personally, I have no toes to be stepped on in this matter, but do
 > lament the dilution of effort, because I'd like a fully functional tool with

	I agree .. I like the idea of a Java one, and truthfully might 
eventually undertake it, but for right now I'm sticking with KPilot.
As for the dilution of effort, I definitely agree with you there and
honestly that is how I see the whole GNOME/KDE thing.  Alot of the
motivation behind KPilot was personal.  I'm a senior at Virginia Tech
and had made a promise to myself I would write and release some kind
of software before I graduated.  Well, May is coming up really
fast.. :)  I glanced at PilotManager, but I am trying to support the
whole "Unified Unix Platform" idea, be it either through GNOME or
KDE.  I like the integration and feel that it is the first real step
towards bring Unix (specifically linux) into the mainstream for your
average user.  Hence, KPilot...

 > release or developers who have done a great job on PilotManager so far.  They
 > even wrote two sync conduits (and one desktop application) not available on the
 > PC.

	My intention with the 1.1 release of KPilot (which should be
the end of this week) is to include docs for writing your own
conduits (pleseantly named 'dandoits' right now.. :) And hopefully
this will help with moving KPilot along even quicker.

 > Since KDE is an integrated development environment which has a single set of 
 > Address book and PIM tools, syncing with it would be easier than syncing with
 > 20 different UNIX tools that various people use on various platforms.  So, in
 > that respect, it has potential that a tool for a broader audience (any UNIX,
 > any desktop) might have more difficulty fulfilling.

	Like I had mentioned earlier, this was the driving force for
writing a KDE version of this software and not a generic X/Motif, or
what-have-you.  I have been in contact with the author of a soon to be 
released KDayPlan (a scheduling datebook type application) and I have
all intentions of being able to sync with that app.

	I wish the PilotManager developers best of luck with their
product, and if anyone has more info on the Java version of the
Hot-Sync software, someone please let me know!  Thanks -- Dan
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