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New mailing list: pilot-port@platibus.com

I created a mailinng list and tested it.
To subscribe send a message with any subject and
in the body to: pilot-port@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The subscription request may not be a multi-part mime message, so turn
off any businesscards or other attachments. This is not the case for
regular messages. Let me know if there are problems, but please don't
Cc: pilot-manager any more :-)

I personally would like to see a full port, but if people want to
discuss other options on this list they are welcome to do so, of course.



begin:          vcard
fn:             Thomas  Werthmann-Auzinger
n:              Werthmann-Auzinger;Thomas 
org:            Platibus Software Factories, Inc.
adr:            P.O. Box 3719;;;Princeton;NJ;08543-3719;U.S.A.
email;internet: platibus@xxxxxxxxxxxx
title:          President
tel;work:       (609) 716 8486
note;quoted-printable:World Class Solutions With Java For Your Business:=0D=0A=
	http://www.platibus.com ******=0D=0A=
	Iris - a Java Engine for Rational Rose Model Files:=0D=0A=
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: FALSE
version:        2.1
end:            vcard

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