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Re: SUN Internal Remote Access via Pilot

By any chance does the Pilot have anything that uniquely
identifies the pilot hardware, such as a rom based serial

It would be nice to be able to do two factor auth. with the
pilot instead of having to add something like SecureID, or
the enigma card.

Guy Martin wrote:
> Ron wrote:
> ->
> ->Has anyone attempted to connect into SUNIR remote access service via Pilot,
> PPP, and Pilot Modem ?
> ->
> ->This would be very useful for email while travelling.
> ->
> ->Please email any suggestions as to recognizing challenge from Remote Access
> server.
> ->
> ->Thanks,
> ->
> ->RON L
> Ron,
> You have hit at the crux of the issue.. the Enigma challenge system we use
> for dialin access to SWAN.  Palm, in their infinite wisdom (not!), doesn't seem
> to have put anything in their PPP connection script language to wait for
> a string containing wildcard characters, or anything to display a string that
> it receives from the remote end.  Obviously, this makes displaying your
> random challenge code very difficult.  (If somebody has found a way around this,
> *please* pipe up).
> I've been working this issue in my free time (not very much) through my
> manager, whose sister happens to be a product manager for the Pilot at 3Com.
> They seemed to be interested at first in possibly giving us a patched version
> (apparently we are not the only company asking for this) of the network
> libraries that would support this, but have cooled considerably on the idea
> because "we need to show a business case" (my manager's quote).  One approach I
> could try would be to have all of you at Sun on this list that would like this
> feature email me, and I could forward these on to my manager's sister at 3Com.
> That may help, but I'm not sure it will turn the tide....
> The other option would be to write a HackMaster extension that traps for the
> event generated during PPP connection negotiation, and then provides the
> functionality we need.  I believe I saw the event or events that do this in my
> last perusal through the Palm header files, but it would require a fair amount
> of research, plus development time that I don't have personally right now.
> Maybe someone with more time would like to pick this up?
>         -Guy Martin
>         -SMCC IR
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