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PilotManager v1.009-BETA-3 available now!

Greetings --
	Hundreds of people are using PilotManager, both inside and outside
	of Sun!  A significant percentage of you have been filing bugs and
	feedback to me on a regular basis.  I really appreciate it!  I've
	been fixing bugs and adding features like crazy.  Please encourage
	everybody you know who uses this tool to subscribe to the mailing
	list so that when new versions hit the street they know about it.	

	I have fixed many bugs, large and small in this new release.
	For full details, check the bottom of this email message.
	However, due to my time constraints I have been unable to test
	this new version to my complete satisfaction.  So, I am
	releasing this new version as a BETA release.  Please try it out
	and tell me if you have any problems.  If there are no bugs
	reported against v1.009-BETA-3, I will make it the official 9th
	release in a couple of weeks.	

	WARNING:  If you use v1.009-BETA-3 and then go back to v1.008,
	your SyncCM and SyncMemo preferences will revert to the original
	settings.  If you want to save them, copy these files:
	to a safe place, run v1.009-BETA-3, and restore them if you want
	to go back to v1.008.
	As always, your bugs and feedback are welcome.  However, I'd like
	to avoid overloading this mailing list with highly technical bugs
	regarding Perl and your home environment.  You can send those directly
	to me using the "Feedback" menu in PilotManager itself.
	Good luck and enjoy your Pilot,
---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---	---

(in no particular order)

Changes from v1.008 to v1.009-BETA-3

        * Added more documentation to the Help menu

        * Added welcome message to help new users along

        * Copyrighted PilotManager under Sun's copyright

        * Made SyncCM's date range y2000 compliant.  Added better
          safeguards to keep the user from entering spurious dates or
          bogus calendar entries.

        * Changed structure of SyncCM's preferences.  This should be fully
          backwards compatible...

        * Made MAJOR memory model improvements to prevent rampant memory
          leaks.  PilotManager should now consume much less memory.  

        * Fixed bug in SyncCM where removing multiple back-to-back
          appointments from a sequence in dt/cm would cause only the first
          one to disappear from the Pilot

        * Toggling "Sync All" / "Sync Date Range" now enables and disables
          the date range entries to avoid user confusion.

        * Improved Backup's user-friendliness when choosing a directory to
          make your backups via the browse button.

        * Fixed bug in check calendar that would incorrectly report some
          calendar as inaccessible.

        * SyncCM.pm: Added much more robust error detection so
          that it will notify you if either the Pilot datebook or the
          Calendar Manager calendar shrinks between syncs (like if you
          accidentally delete your datebook or your calendar moves).

        * Added a "Clear Status" button so that you can erase the contents
          of the status window between syncs.

        * SyncCM.pm: Improved logging support to tell you the time and
          date of the appointment being changed and to log all changes
          (v1.008 didn't log all deletes).

        * Added archival support to Backup.  Now you can archive up to 7
          snapshots of your backups.

        * Fixed bug in alarm advance code

        * Made SyncCM default to "Sync Date Range" initially

        * Added "Move All" buttons to Backup and added ability to move
          databases by double-clicking them.

        * Fixed Backup to use an appropriate backup directory by default

        * Optimized file selector box in Installer so that it does not get
          destroyed between adding databases (ie, there's no delay anymore).

        * Fixed problem with Backup where databases with special
          characters (like 'Timer++') would cause it to fail.

        * Added better error handling if connection to Pilot fails

        * Fixed resize problem in feedback window

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