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Re: Some tips, and an odd problem..

 > Hi folks,
 > Just more information:
 > I had this problem:
 > One of my users interrupted a calendar sync a couple days ago.  Not it never 
 > completes a sync.  Tried ResetCM, tried moving the .pilotmgr directory, tried 
 > switching the baud rate, to no avail.  The Sun and the Pilot connect, then they say 
 > they say its starting to sync the calendar, and then nothing.  I eventually need to 
 > kill the pilotMgr process manually and cancel the sync from the palmtop. 
 > Had this solution:
 > Reboot the Sparc and the problem mystically went away.
 > With these likely reasons:
 > PilotMgr may do this if it runs out memory from reading every calendar appointment 
 > ever made.  I've found that closing the CDE mail manager clears up tons of memory.
 > The Pilot may have trouble with it's sync state after an interupted sync.  One user 
 > suggested doing a soft reset on the pilot.

Another possibility:

Sparc serial port drivers are notorious for not cleaning up if an
application goes down uncleanly. It is easy to get the serial port
wrapped around an axle that only a reboot can fix. The classic is if
you kill tip. Killing tip usually leaves the serial port unusable
until the next reboot.

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