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Re: SyncMemo, v1.04

Alan Harder says:
> Hi people..
> Here is the latest and greatest SyncMemo.
> 	- Alan

Hi, folks --

	Because of the braindead way that Majordomo attaches the
	disclaimer text to the bottom of all emails on this list
	(look at the bottom of this email, if you don't know what
	I'm talking about), it unfortunately tacked the disclaimer
	onto the end of the SyncMemo.pm attachment that Alan just
	mailed out.  (Sorry, Alan -- I didn't know it would do that!)
	Hence, if you want the latest version of SyncMemo, I've
	put it on the web site:
	There are instructions on that page for downloading and
	installing individual conduits.  It's pretty straightforward.
	A big round of thanks to Alan,
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