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Re: Blown away calendars

Bharat Mediratta wrote:
> This is a pretty good idea.  It's been on my ToDo list for some
> time now, but due to the way that I implement the synchronization
> it's a bit tricky.  I don't actually precalculate all the changes
> before doing them -- I make each change one at a time.  This
> makes counting difficult.  Of course there are ways to deal with
> this but it's not a trivial change.
Maybe an option to do nothing but display the proposed changes, so one
could run the sync again if everything looks cool.

> I am *very* interested in the original bug.  When has
> PilotManager trashed your Sun calendar?  Is this because you
> blew away your Pilot datebook and then re-synced?
In my case, it was never because of anything unusual on the pilot side.
I am, however, continuing to sync with the pilot desktop on the PC. 
Could this confuse SyncCM?

> I'm not getting a lot of feedback about SyncCM right now.  I know
> that's partially because we're all busy folks, but if you don't
> file a bug I can't fix it.  The extra controls to find out what's
> going wrong are good -- but I'd rather fix the circumstance that's
> causing it to go wrong and not just the symptoms.
I haven't submitted any feedback, because it seemed like most of what
I'd experienced had already been mentioned, but, for the record:
1) It's *incredibly* slow.  Uploading appointments from the pilot is
done in a snap, but it usually takes 10-15 minutes to update (sometimes
erroneously) the cm.  My date range is less than a year, and the number
of updated records is usually less than 5 (except when it deletes
everything, in which case about 50 records are affected).  The pilot
always times out, though since this occurs after the upload I figure it
doesn't matter.
2) The PilotManager GUI is almost totally unresponsive during the sync.
Since it doesn't repaint until a new log line gets printed, it's almost
always totally blank.

> P.S.    The sun CM callog file is a log.  For every appointment
> there's
>         an "add" line.  When an appointment is deleted there's a
>         "remove" line.  If you want to un-delete an appointment, just
>         get rid of the "remove" line and kill rpc.cmsd.  The
> appointment
>         will reappear.

The problem is that in our installation, rpc.cmsd is running as root on
a central calendar server.
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