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Re: Blown away calendars

I wish there were a verbose log mode, one that would dump out all the
logic PilotManager was going through. i.e.  "Deleting appt in cm 'Buy
Milk' on 7/2/97 - Pilot removed appt", etc.  

I caught PilotManager deleting the appt's from CM by "follow"ing the
callog file.  I didn't have any other info to support this "bug",
other than that it did happen.

>>>>> On Fri, 23 May 1997 10:37:58 -0700, Bharat.Mediratta@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Bharat Mediratta) said:

    Bharat> I'm not getting a lot of feedback about SyncCM right now.
    Bharat> I know that's partially because we're all busy folks, but
    Bharat> if you don't file a bug I can't fix it.  The extra
    Bharat> controls to find out what's going wrong are good -- but
    Bharat> I'd rather fix the circumstance that's causing it to go
    Bharat> wrong and not just the symptoms.

    Bharat> P.S. The sun CM callog file is a log.  For every
    Bharat> appointment there's an "add" line.  When an appointment is
    Bharat> deleted there's a "remove" line.  If you want to un-delete
    Bharat> an appointment, just get rid of the "remove" line and kill
    Bharat> rpc.cmsd.  The appointment will reappear.

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