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Re: Blown away calendars

| Sorry to continue this thread so long on the main alias but
| since SyncCM is one of the main reasons for folks to be using
| PilotManager I thought this information might be useful to 
| everybody...

Robert --

	Ok, that's also been on my ToDo list for a while and is
	something that I could implement fairly easily.  I'll work on
	However, the acid test is this: after the sync and SyncCM
	deleted a bunch of your Calendar Manager appointments -- were
	the calendars in sync?  If they were then we need to identify
	what exactly the problem is.  If not it's a bug and I need to
	fix it.
	The common case is if you accidentally use pilot-xfer and delete
	your DatebookDB from the Pilot then do a sync.  SyncCM will see
	that all of your appointments have been deleted from the Pilot
	and will oblige by deleting them all from the Calendar Manager.
	As far as SyncCM is concerned, this is totally normal.  
	To deal with this, the next rev of SyncCM (hopefully out today)
	will have a "Reset SyncCM" button that you can click in case of
	massive deletions on either side.  That will cause your calendars
	to be re-merged from scratch.

> I wish there were a verbose log mode, one that would dump out all the
> logic PilotManager was going through. i.e.  "Deleting appt in cm 'Buy
> Milk' on 7/2/97 - Pilot removed appt", etc.  
> I caught PilotManager deleting the appt's from CM by "follow"ing the
> callog file.  I didn't have any other info to support this "bug",
> other than that it did happen.
> >>>>> On Fri, 23 May 1997 10:37:58 -0700, Bharat.Mediratta@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Bharat Mediratta) said:
>     Bharat> I'm not getting a lot of feedback about SyncCM right now.
>     Bharat> I know that's partially because we're all busy folks, but
>     Bharat> if you don't file a bug I can't fix it.  The extra
>     Bharat> controls to find out what's going wrong are good -- but
>     Bharat> I'd rather fix the circumstance that's causing it to go
>     Bharat> wrong and not just the symptoms.
>     Bharat> P.S. The sun CM callog file is a log.  For every
>     Bharat> appointment there's an "add" line.  When an appointment is
>     Bharat> deleted there's a "remove" line.  If you want to un-delete
>     Bharat> an appointment, just get rid of the "remove" line and kill
>     Bharat> rpc.cmsd.  The appointment will reappear.
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