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Backup v1.003 available

Hi, guys --

	I fixed a small but annoying bug in the Backup conduit 
	that causes Backup to consider that your database is up-to-date
	when it's really in need of a backup.  
	You can get a new version from the web site under the 'conduits'
	directory, along with directions for how to install the conduit.
	Please read the directions...
	Unfortunately, due to a limitation with the Pilot that I haven't
	figured out a workaround for, the Pilot considers that the database
	has been modified *any time you look at it*.  Yes, that means 
	that the Backup conduit is going to back up your database pretty
	much all the time.  I'm checking to see what can be done about this,
	but for now there's not much I can do...
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