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Re: CM "No Time" items bug

> I guess this is a SyncCM bug:
> Items on the pilot marked "No Time" come out on Calendar Manager
> as:
> Start Time: 3:41AM
> End Time:   8:41AM

Yep, this is a known bug.  I thought I had it licked in v1.007.
Basically, in the past I was creating timeless appointments
on Calendar Manager with the wrong duration.  

The new version is fixed, but you may still have some buggy
appointments in Calendar Manager.  I bundle a script that
should fix some of these problems for you:

The script is located at:

Please *PLEASE* read the top of the script as it has instructions
on how to use it correctly.

As I've mentioned before, SyncCM is a work in progress and I'm
trying really hard to make it perfect, but remember that it is
not there yet.  Make regular backups of your calendars!

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