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pilotmgr question

Ok, this list looks pretty low traffic.. time for me to add some

First of all, let me say that I think PilotMgr is terrific.

Ok, that being out of the way, is there any particular reason why it
seems to be specifically coded to ONLY run out of it's own directory?
I had to hack the crap out of it to get it to run from a link in my
/usr/local/bin (which I export to a large group of people) and I'd
hate to have to do this whenever a new module or an upgrade comes out.

A possible RFE here, perhaps?

Secondly, although I admittedly haven't really had a chance to go
through it all yet, is there a documented interface for the modules so 
that I might, if by some strange chance I get some free time, hack
together my own 'conduits' of sorts and drop them into the framework?

Thirdly, I'm wondering if the search for duplicate appts could be made 
a tad "fuzzier" instead of requiring exact matches.  As a minimum, the 
check should be case insensitive.  It found very few duplicate appts
the first time I did a full sync, even though most of the dupes only
differed in the case of some of the words.  It was a little bit of a
pain to go through and search out all the dupes by hand.

All in all, a fine effort... I'm utterly delighted at being able to
FINALLY sync dtcm and my pilot.  MANY thanks!

-- Gary F.

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