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I read all the instructions, installed and configured it without a hitch,
then plugged in my Pilot (which has a bare calendar save one entry) and,
with "Don't modify the Calendar Manager" set was able to download 6 weeks
of appt's into my PalmPilot for the first time ever!
FYI: I have a pretty complex calendar, and your SW kept everything as efficiently as possible, only needing to create 51 entries for my 6 week range that I set. All my "Repeat Forever" CM app'ts came across intact. Ditto my array of bi-weekly, as well. Well done!

I just installed PilotManager, dug up the right cables, and voila!  It
worked!  It's wonderful to be able to sync dtcm with Pilot Datebook. 
Thank you very much.

This is a brilliant piece of work.  Downloading this and
having it work first shot made my day!   I'm delighted
to finally have my pilot linked to Calendar Manager!

WOW! this is GREAT! I can't express how important 
the calendar manager sync application is to me! I can't thank you enough! :-)
keep up the good work; am looking forward to using the to do list when it 
comes available.

What a great piece of work! Your code ran first time, without a

With PilotManager, my Pilot is now the complete organizer! I'm
in touch both at home and at Sun.

Excellent work in bringing the power of the us robotics pilot to
solaris!!!  i bought the pilot today in in just 5 minutes had it
sync'd up with my calendar mgr - now i can bring my calendar to 


I just hotsync'ed for the first time. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

By the way, SynCM is the most useful hunk of new, non-system, software 
I've found for a Solaris box in years. Thanks.

SunSoft Central Area has a group calendar where all the SEs list their
commitments.  I use PilotMgr to sync to this group calendar over the
Sun Wide Area Network (from Austin to Chicago) and it works great on both
my SPARCstation and my laptop running Solaris x86 with PPP.

Wow.  Just sync'd the calendar for the first time.  AND it worked!!!!  
Created all the stuff on my pilot and all the apptmts on the calendar --- 
EVEN THOUGH it was on a server (shorter).

Very cool! Thanks a bunch!

I got the genderbender, plugged the Pilot into my sparc, and...
synching is a child's play!  PilotManager is quite an incredible
piece of software!  A thousand thanks to Bharat!

"GREAT WORK!!!"  I installed the PilotManager v1.008 on my Solaris 2.5.1 
system, figured out the properties for SyncCM and the correct calendar 
on my remote server, and "presto" - all sync'd.

Works Great!! Super piece of work - keep it up.

PilotManager simply rocks. You should be given stock options just for this. 
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Bharat, What a perfect job. It works fine. Great piece of software

Great job, Bharat!

I joined Sun as an SE two weeks ago, and I already had a Pilot full of
appointments, memos, etc.  Our resident Regional SE pointed me to
PilotManager.  I downloaded it, hooked up my sync cable to my -20, ran
PilotManager, and everything worked!  I didn't have anything in CM yet,
so it was fun to watch all of my appointments magically popping into
my CM window.  :-)

Good work!  I've downloaded tons of UNIX software,  and the 
biggest problem I see is that people release their package when they
think it's "good enough",  and let the user work out all the
compile and install bugs.

This is the first time I've downloaded something, edited the path to the Perl binary, and had it WORK right away. My pilot pro hot-sync'd for the first time.

Friday the 22 August is a great date!!! It's the dicovering date
of your PilotManager
With your marvellous soft, I've finaly the same appointement on
my Sun Calendar Manager and my Pilot, very great!

Hello Bharat,

Just a short note to say that your software works great and
I've really come to depend on it.


I've just synced a lot of apps and CM into my new PPPro. 
No problems what so ever, just great!!

I just tried it out, and it was as easy as everyone claims!
I've been waiting for functionality like SyncCM for, oh, about
8 years.

Thank you.

Damn, what a beautiful piece of work. Just what I've been looking for,
and it works beautifully. Thank you!!!

A genuine miracle.

Thanks for the work.

Fantastic App !

As soon as I saw this thing I ran out and bought a PPPro.

...you should be getting commission from 3Com for the number of Pilot
you have sold over here in SunPS. At last count, they are 9 PPros here
in ITCops alone.

(about SyncMemo)
it's a great module, and I'm very happy about it!!!

Hi Alan,

Thanks for all the work, very cool stuff.

(about SyncTime)
this is excellent! ...
I'm giddy with excitement!  Like a new father!  :-)

I'm glad someone has taken over with Bharat gone!
This is a GREAT suite of tools!

(about UpdateMemos.pl script for SyncMemo)
I'm so incredibly stoked..I just got my first good listing of movies for
the East Bay area.  Thanks bunches and bunches for the tool.. I've always
wanted a good way to get the movie listings into my pilot...it just never
even dawned on me to write a script to grab it off the website!

I LOVE IT, excellent job, please continue.

I had for some weeks to use a beta version because we only had version 3 of
Calendar Data.  Now we are on V4 and I could install the newer 1.005 version.
Just great!  It is faster, it is refined, and most of all: it makes my
colleagues, using Psion's, jealous!!!

I just got my palm3 yesterday and hooked it up to my Ultra.
This is GREAT!  Nice job on the software.

I left my Pilot on a plane so it is probably now in the Pilot Twilight
Zone flying forever between San Francisco in Toronto never finding a
cradle to land in.

However, following your FAQ on how to restore a reset/new Pilot, I was
in 2 minutes able to return to normality (read: sanity).

Thanks to you and Bharat for a great product.

This is an extremly useful and well written tool.  Thank You!!!

This is an OUTSTANDING tool!!!  Being able to easily sync my various Pilot
apps with my Solaris apps, in a point&click manner, is a HUGE productivity win.

This software is soooo cool - thanks to you all all the folks that have
worked on this project.  Being able to sync with dtcm is an incredible asset
for me, and all those I work with...

Thanks a lot, Alan... I appreciate your and Bharat's work in putting this
together.  It makes the Palm Pilot indespensible.

I've never seen a solaris app work so well out of the box.
Especially one that does comm related stuff. Impressive.

Thanks so much for your help and willingness to support this.
I can't tell you how excellent this is! Well I guess you know.

you should be proud - your pilotmanager software is the best thing 
that has hit the SPARC desktop in the last 5 years .... 

... it worked like a charm!
Everything was sync'd perfectly (including my calendar) and backed up!

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