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Re: new SyncCM calander names...???

>From owner-pilotmgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fri Oct 24 12:05 PDT 1997
>Subject: Re: new SyncCM calander names...???
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>Cc: pilotmgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 2. WIth sync-cm, I am finding that certain calendar events are duplicating when 
> I copy between the Pilot and CM (on-going weekly commitments).  This is true 
> even when I change to have the Pilot overwrite my existing calendar (which means 
> that the old appointment should be gone totally - so only 1 copy should show)>
> Is this occurring because when I delete, I save an archive to the PC?
> How do I stop this from happening and still stay in merge bidirectional mode (CM 
> and pilot merge into each other's files)
> Arthur

  Welcome to the Pilot's redefintion of the term "All".  (I just recently
  determined the source of my similar past problems with this.)
  If you modify an existing repeating app't on the Pilot it splits that
  app't into two different appt's, with the split occuring on the date
  in the repeating series that you changed.  And yes this happens even
  when you select "All" in the "Apply to" popup!
  The fact is -- and I think that this is a bug, but owners of the "old"
  Pilots tell me it was that way there, too -- that the Pilot equates "All"
  with what is presented as the "Forward" selection in CM.
  So if you edit a future date in a repeating series on your Pilot and feed
  only one way to CM (which is NOT in fact a complete overwrite of CM's
  calendar) you end up with multiple, slightly different instances of that
  app't.  (One for each change that you made to the repeating series.)
  The solution is to only edit repeating series at their source, or in the
  past.  (That way you'd never see or care about the duplicates.)  In my
  case I've narrowed the date range and I now edit them back at the start
  of the previous month.  (The start of my date range.)
  I haven't had a duplicate app't since I discovered this and started
  applying changes only to the first entry in the repeating series.  (Just
  since 10/9.)  Also since then I've been merging both ways successfully as
  Now if someone would please write a HackMaster hack to change the button
  label on the Pilot popup from "All" to "Forward" I'd be sure to never
  forget again! 8-)
  P.S. All this is easy enough to verify without harming your calendar, BTW.
  Just create a new, bogus repeating app't on your Pilot, then edit it a few
  instances out.  (Change something obvious, like the alarm notification time
  + 10.)  Then go back and compare what you find is now the app't definition
  before and after that change date on the calendar.  (Don't forget to delete
  all the split-up bogus app'ts before you resync!)
  Also note that "Delete" does delete "All" as do some other actions that
  redefine the entire series, and that once split, they are truly two
  distinct appt's and that even "Delete" won't delete both app'ts created
  from such a split.
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