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Re: Some tips, and an odd problem...

Hi folks,

Just more information:

I had this problem:

One of my users interrupted a calendar sync a couple days ago.  Not it never 
completes a sync.  Tried ResetCM, tried moving the .pilotmgr directory, tried 
switching the baud rate, to no avail.  The Sun and the Pilot connect, then they say 
they say its starting to sync the calendar, and then nothing.  I eventually need to 
kill the pilotMgr process manually and cancel the sync from the palmtop. 

Had this solution:

Reboot the Sparc and the problem mystically went away.

With these likely reasons:

PilotMgr may do this if it runs out memory from reading every calendar appointment 
ever made.  I've found that closing the CDE mail manager clears up tons of memory.

The Pilot may have trouble with it's sync state after an interupted sync.  One user 
suggested doing a soft reset on the pilot.


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