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Need help synching calendar

I haven't been able to sync my pilot with the Ultra since
my calendar was moved from my machine (abramski) to a server
(doppio).  So I'm trying to figure out what's going on and
how the PilotManager software works...

So what creates the SyncCM.prefs file? 

$SyncCM::gCal = 'adama@abramski';
$SyncCM::gBeginDate = '06/18/96';
$SyncCM::gEndDate = '06/17/00';
$SyncCM::gSyncRange = 'Sync All';
$SyncCM::gDupeCheck = '1';
$SyncCM::gCMWriteProtect = '0';
$SyncCM::gPilotWriteProtect = '0';

It seems that this is generated dynamically I try to sync
my pilot, but it's getting the wrong Calendar name
(ie 'adama@abramski' it should be 'adama@doppio').  Can
someone help me in getting this to work?

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