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Re: Some tips, and an odd problem...

> Now for the problem:
> One of my users interrupted a calendar sync a couple days ago.  Not it never 
> completes a sync.  Tried ResetCM, tried moving the .pilotmgr directory, tried 
> switching the baud rate, to no avail.  The Sun and the Pilot connect, then 
> say they say its starting to sync the calendar, and then nothing.  I 
> need to kill the pilotMgr process manually and cancel the sync from the 
>  I can't seem to make any progress on this problem, and would appreciate 
> suggestions.

Sounds like a problem I have been having as well. I cant sync at 
all with my sparc. And for a while I couldnt sync with my mac
either. I now can sync successfully with my mac, after several

My sun machine is a sparc 20 with 64 mgs of RAM. Part of the 
problem I am having is the pilotmanager sw runs out of memory
trying to do a full sync. Pilotmanager seems to hang, but the
command line gets out of memory errors.

My next step is to log on to someone else's machine which has
lotso memory and try syncing again. Maybe that will help with
your problem.


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