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Some tips, and an odd problem...

I've been designated our buidings "helper with Pilots" for various people, 
specifically using the SyncCM conduit.

First, some tips:

1.  Make sure you are syncing against the correct calendar.  Actually check the 
name of the calendar from running the desktop calendar.  It's very hard to get 
out 300 identical entries of "calendar moved to new system" from the combined 
datebook.  The desktop calendar lists its location at the top of its window.  
The SyncCM conduit lists its expectation at the top of its configuration window.

2.  Warn users that if the pilot goes, they need to call you or hit the "Reset 
SyncCM" button from its configuration window.  Failing to do so will destroy the 
calendar manager's appointments.

3.  If you start getting a bunch of TCL errors like this:
      Tk::Error: Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at 
             xxx/pilotmgr,v1.008/SyncCM.pm line 367.
      Tk callback for .frame1.button
      Tk::Button::butUp at /home/cheryln/pilotmgr,v1.008/lib/Tk/Button.pm ...
    Then, try hitting the "Reset SyncCM" button mentioned above.
4.  If your network is really slow, and your calendar lives somewhere else, you 
may get RPC timeouts.  Try shutting down a bunch of system resources and trying 

Now for the problem:

One of my users interrupted a calendar sync a couple days ago.  Not it never 
completes a sync.  Tried ResetCM, tried moving the .pilotmgr directory, tried 
switching the baud rate, to no avail.  The Sun and the Pilot connect, then they 
say they say its starting to sync the calendar, and then nothing.  I eventually 
need to kill the pilotMgr process manually and cancel the sync from the palmtop. 
 I can't seem to make any progress on this problem, and would appreciate 

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Charles Merriam
JavaSoft Systems Engineer
497.323.1558 fax

Sun Microsystems
2550 Garcia Avenue, MS UCUP01-301
Mountain View, CA  94043-1100

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