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Re: potentially off topic

Gary D. Foster wrote:
> I've seen references to ports of GCC to use for doing pilot
> development.  Has anyone gotten this to work under solaris, and if so,
> can you point me at the relevant tools that I might need, or a pointer
> to an FM to R?  I've seen plenty of pointers on the web to precompiled
> gcc distributions for both Linux and Windoze, but I'd really like to
> build one for Solaris for my use and any help would be greatly
> appreciated.

I managed to build a gcc version able to cross-compile with the Pilot
as target. There is "built-in" support for that in the distribution
for gcc. Just use --target=m68k-palmos (i think) when you configure gcc.
You'll also need 'binutils' compiled in the same manner.

Good luck!


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