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Re: losing communication after a few seconds

> I pressed the icon, and it told me to hit the hotsync button.  It gave
> the three cutesy tones and starts syncing.  It got to the point of
> identifying user.
> The PilotManager freezes totally, and I had to kill it.  I tried 19200
> and I got farther.  I guess that's something to know about an IPX.
> Perhaps it can't handle 38400.

Lower the connection speed and try again.  For me, 38400 works but at
57600 the connection freezes.  9600 might work for you.  You should be
able to set even lower speeds by editing the preferences file in your
PilotManager directory (for me it's ~/.pilotmgr/preferences) but I
don't know how PilotManager reacts to this.

> It synced successfully, or at least it thinks so.  I set up memo and
> backup, since I don't use cm, at least not yet.  But it said
> 	No memo files found.
> and that's not true.  I am not sure of what the various fields in the
> properties menus mean, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Make sure you have SyncMemo v1.04_01.  You might have to change lines
411 and 610 (?) where the output of the command "file" is parsed -- my
version of file puts a tab before the file type, when SyncMemo expects
a space.

Make sure you have specified the correct directory in the properties

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