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Re: Serial port on sparc

> From: Martin.Von.Weissenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Martin von Weissenberg)
> > From: "Doug Royer [N6AAW]" ...
> > On the SS10 it is a null-modem male-to-male connector (straight thru).
> Really?  That's confusing...  A friend of mine says he's been using
> _cross-connected_ null-modem cables to connect dumb terminals to sun
> workstations.
> But if it works for you, why not?  At least straight genderbenders
> are cheap, so I can try one of those first.

Oops, I should have said:

	 'modem male-to-male connector. (straight thru)'

A null-modem cable would swap pins and would not be a straight thru.

It has to be that the Pilot cradle cable is a null-modem cable.
Or maybe the Pilot swaps them?

Yes - you do need a null-modem cable to connect a non-modem ~dumb~
terminal to an SS10.

> --Martin.

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