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PilotManager v1.008 released


	PilotManager v1.008 is out.  Alas I have not had time to work on
	porting PilotManager to new architectures (ie, AIX or SunOS
	4.x).  I've mainly focussed on fixing bugs in SyncCM and making
	it more robust.  
	The new version of SyncCM supports rudimentary change logging
	into ~/.pilotmgr/SyncCM/SyncCM.log.  It's very rudimentary and
	it seems to have some kind of weird line-doubling effect when
	viewed with "tail -f" but it should give you some idea of what
	SyncCM is doing.  I'll expand more on this when I get the chance.
	Please, *please* use the feedback menu if you want to file a bug
	or send comments to me about PilotManager.  It labels the email
	appropriately so that my email sorter can filter it properly.
	Also, be kind to the alias...there are ~175 people on it.
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Changes from v1.007_01 to v1.008

        * Added user interaction dialog

        * SyncCM: Fixed a bug that caused the Pilot to time out at the
          very end of the SyncCM synchronization cycle. 

        * SyncCM: Added reset button
        * SyncCM: Added 

        * Made conduit order adjustable.

        * Installer: fixed bug with databases containing embedded spaces.

        * Convenience feature: Double-clicking inactive conduits in the
          property sheet makes them active. 

        * SyncCM: fixed bug that caused Pilot to loose connection during
          syncs under certain conditions. 

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