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Re: Address book viewer?

Has anyone thought about publishing the address book entries
into a little more of a centralized database like an LDAP server?

The downside of all of the PC tools is that they are very
single-user-centric and don't handle organizations well.

Maybe this is an off-the-wall idea, but:

If for example, each pilot user had the option of linking their
address book to an LDAP directory on a "category by category basis".

This would enable you to do things like:

     - Have one category that is the "corporate directory"
     - Have one category that is linked from the "group directory"
     - Have other personal categories that are stored in an LDAP tree
       that could either be visible or in-visible.

Once the data is in an LDAP server you can use an LDAP enabled
mail-client to send mail to the people in your pilot address book.


>> In "Re: Address book viewer?", May 16, Alan Harder writes <<
>  John Salmi sez:
>  > Hi fellow pilots.  Has anyone done, or even thought about, an address book
>  > tool to use with the pilot, under solaris?
>  > 
>  > If not, let's talk about it.  I'm feeling the need to code perl again.
>  Hi John-
>  I have a fully functional conduit that works with Rolo.  I haven't released
>  it yet because it's not totally robust plus you have manually modify your
>  Rolo records to conform to a specific format to make syncing possible..
>  (if you're starting with only pilot records then it's easy)
>  If anyone out there wants to try this early version let me know.  I will
>  release it when it's more complete, but I don't know when that will be.. :)
>  	- Alan
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