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PilotManager news

Hi, pilot comrades --

	PilotManager v1.007_01 is out.  I was out sick most of
	last week so I'm a bit behind but I've waded through most
	of the feedback and made the odd change here or there.
	As far as I know it's fairly stable and fixes lots of
	little problems with the system.
	I'll be off at a conference in San Francisco during most
	of this week so I may not get back to you.  However,
	please keep filing bugs, etc.  I get to them eventually.
		- SyncCM now supports Pilot alarms!
		- Backup is a bit more sensible
		- SyncMemo supports two-way syncing!  Wahoo!

	Known Bugs and What YOU Can Do About Them
		- Some people are still having the Pilot timeout while the
		  SyncCM conduit is in operation.  I'm having a really hard 
		  time debugging this because I cannot reproduce it locally.
		  If you're in PAL1 and you can reproduce this, *please* let
		  me know so that I can come over and debug it while you're
		  off at lunch.
		- Spurious messages:
			Ambiguous use of next => resolved to "next"
		  I can't reproduce this locally to debug it.  If you can
		  reproduce it in PAL1, please let me know so I can borrow
		  your machine and debug it.
			Use of uninitialized value during global destruction.
		  You can ignore this message safely.
		  	Use of uninitialized variable at Foo.pm line 987
		  These are bad but not fatal.  Please file a bug report as
		  you encounter these messages.

		- I'm still grinding out bugs in SyncCM.  There are lots of
		  little problems and I'm slowly taking care of them.  I'd
		  like to get away from using Sun's RPC daemon for a couple
		  of reasons.  If somebody out there knows how to use libcsa
		  or knows where I can find the CSA standard so that I can
		  convert over, I'd appreciate some assistance.
		- Once I can support CSA you will be able to sync with other
		  tools such as Applix and calendars on different systems --
		  you won't be tied to Sun's Calendar Manager.

		- Downloading email via the pilot seems like a neat trick.
		  However, I'm not sure if PilotManager is the right tool
		  for this job.  I'm looking into it and will let you know
		  what I come up with.

	SunOS 4.1.3 support
		- Alas, I've been unable to compile libcm.a on SunOS 4.1.3.
		  I don't have time to really investigate this thoroughly
		  and it's an evolutionary dead-end for the product.  I've
		  decided not to support it.  Sorry, but I only have
		  so much time :-(  
	Other system support
		- I'm not going to port to SGI, Linux, Digital, HP or any
		  other Unix platform.  However, I provide all the code so
		  that you can simply recompile on those platforms and all
		  should be well.  I'll assist you in this process, but again
		  I just don't have the time to do this myself.  Don't have
		  the hardware, either.
		  I'd like to see PilotManager ported to those platforms so
		  if you've got the time and the hardware let's work together
		  on it.

	That's all for now.  Enjoy and spread the word.  

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