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Want to be a guinea pig?

Greetings --

	I need a couple of beta testers to test the following things:
		- Latest release of PilotManager on Solaris x86
			I'm playing with a new release structure and I
			want to make sure that the x86 stuff works.  Since
			I don't have easy access to an x86 machine, I need
			somebody else to test this for me.
		- Latest release of SyncCM with configurable alarm support
			Yep, this has been a high demand item for a while now
			and I've finally hacked it into the conduit.  You
			can pick an alarm from CM (flash, beep, popup, mail)
			and tie it to the alarm on the Pilot
	The code has passed all my tests and should be fairly stable.
	However, I want to do some sanity checks against other environments.
	Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a version
	you can play with...
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