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Re: "Connection Has Been Lost" Error

> The Pilot Manager is a great concept to link the Pilot to Calendat Manager!
> Unfortunately, I can't get it to work properly.  There were a few times
> when everything seemed to sync up perfectly, but for the most part the
> pilot manager freezes up before the syncronization is complete.  I get the
> "connection has been lost" message on my pilot, and the pilot manager locks
> up on my workstation.  The only thing left at that point is to kill the
> process and try again.  Even when this problem occurs, appointments seem to
> move from the pilot to the calendar manager and vice versa.  Any idea what can
> be done to resolve this problem?  Thanks for your help.

Several users have filed this bug.  I think I know what the problem
is but I have not yet isolated it.  I'm tracking it down as time

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